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GNSA Releases Oregon Leave Policy Sample


Great Northern Staff Administrators (GNSA) recently released a sample OFLA policy to further an effort to help Oregon employers comply with Oregon Leave Laws. GNSA has already developed a sample Oregon Sick Time Law Policy... Read More 

Best Oregon Health Insurance Plans of 2023


Great Northern Staff Administrators (GNSA) has recently chosen its top three Oregon health insurance plans for each of the following three major carriers in Oregon: Providence Health, Kaiser Permanente Oregon, and Regence BlueCross BlueShield...Read More


GNSA Expands Operations and Staff


Great Northern Staff Administrators (GNSA), a leading provider of payroll services and human capital management solutions for small and mid-market companies throughout the Northwest, has hired four new team members this year...Read More


GNSA Brings Payroll & 401(k) Together


GNSA recently partnered with Human Interest so that employers may integrate their 401(k) plans with payroll. Employers can get started today through the new partnership formed between the two companies...Read More


GNSA Announce Key Employee Promotions


Great Northern Staff Administrators (GNSA), a leading provider of payroll services and human capital management solutions for small and mid-market companies throughout the Northwest, has announced the promotion of two of its key employees...Read More


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Oregon Sick Time Policy

Oregon Payroll & HR Industry News 

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Processing payroll in Oregon has a lot of moving parts. Before paying an employee in the state, you must consider several variables...

Oregon Predictive Scheduling - Complete Overview 2021/2022

On August 8th, 2017, Oregon governor Kate Brown signed the Oregon Predictive Scheduling Law which went took effect in July of...

OregonSaves Retirement Plans: The Complete Guide 2020/2021

According to the Boston College of Retirement Research, half of the people in the U.S. won't have enough funds saved to keep their standard...

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