Find out if OregonSaves is the right retirement plan for your business, and see what other OregonSaves alternative options are out there.

How to Choose
an Oregon Retirement Plan

All businesses in Oregon with at least one employee must offer a qualified retirement plan or otherwise sign up for OregonSaves. However, OregonSaves may not be the best option for your business. 

Understanding what the best option is for your business to meet the requirements of the Oregon Retirement Plan Mandate starts with understanding what your OregonSaves alternatives are, as well as several factors about your business. These include things like business size, average age of employees, the benefits you'd like to offer and more.

GNSA Can Help with Any Option

No matter which retirement plan option you decide to go with for your business, GNSA can help make administration easy with payroll integrations, and more. Find the right plan for your business now.

OregonSaves Alternatives

Finding the Right Retirement Plan: GNSA’s Insurance Partner Network can help you navigate the retirement plan options available and help you determine which one is the right one for your business.

Whether the right choice is OregonSaves, an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Simple, or Safe Harbor plan, the GNSA Partner Network will ensure you choose the solution that best fits your organization’s needs.

Download our OregonSaves Alternative Options Chart, and see how OregonSaves compares to other traditional retirement plan options and find out which makes sense for your company. Or, learn more about the Oregon Retirement Plan Mandate and What is OregonSaves at our blog.

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