Take The Headaches Out Of Benefits Administration.

Offering an employee benefit plan for your workforce is a big decision. Now that you have the benefit plans, the next question is who is going to administer them for you?

Let GNSA manage for you Enrollment Eligibility Tracking, Submission of Enrollment Forms, Carrier Communication, Deductions Setup in Payroll System, Carrier Invoicing, and COBRA and State Continuation Notifications.
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This video provides a glimpse of how our Benefits Solution will allow you to take the headaches out of benefits administration! If you like what you see, feel free to contact us to learn more about what our benefits software can do for you and your business.

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Benefits Administration Services

Enrollment Eligibility Tracking  Whoever handles the administration will need to have a system for keeping track of new hires.  GNSA uses the payroll data to monitor who is eligible for benefits and notifies you when future participants need to be given plan and enrollment information.

Submission of Enrollment Forms  Ensuring newly eligible employees complete either an enrollment or waiver form protects an employer from liability claims that could arise when a solid enrollment process is not followed.  Making exceptions on form completion, or allowing deadlines to slip by, creates a dangerous position for an employer to defend when things don’t go as planned.  GNSA will make sure you get these forms and will protect you from potential liability claims.

Carrier Communication  Health insurance carriers need to receive enrollment and waiver information for each eligible employee typically 10-20 days before the effective date for coverage to begin. GNSA ensures this information is received and communicated to your carrier. 

Entering Plan Elections into Payroll System Many employers share the cost of benefits with their employees. If your health insurance plans require employee deductions, getting those deductions setup in the payroll system on time avoids the problem of trying to collect back premiums from employees who may, or may not, be able to afford them. GNSA sets these deductions up for you and makes sure they are done on time.

Carrier Invoicing Each month your carrier will invoice you for the next month’s premiums.  Ensuring that those invoices are correct and paid on time will help you to avoid forced cancellation or paying more than you should for the benefit plan you give your employees.  GNSA Benefit Administration Services will reconcile and pay these invoices and make sure you are only paying your carrier for the coverage you need. 

COBRA and State Continuation Notifications  Inevitably, employees will leave your employment. Notifying your carrier timely when this happens is critical for ensuring that government required notices happen on time. Whether your group plans are subject to COBRA or State Continuation Notices is a function of the size of your organization. Failure to provide proper notifications can subject your organization to costly liability and/or litigation. When you utilize GNSA for COBRA Administration, we will use payroll system data to identify terminated employees and will ensure your carrier(s) are notified promptly — alleviating liability risk for you and your company. GNSA also removes the monthly burden of managing COBRA participants throughout their qualification period.

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