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Employee onboarding should speed up the hiring process, not slow it down.

HR often faces challenges when moving from the recruitment to the onboarding phase during the talent acquisition process. These issues can leave new hires wondering what steps to take next, and force them to complete boring and redundant tasks, which not only negatively impacts their experience but causes a buildup in the hiring pipeline that makes building your workforce a nuisance rather than an advantage.
With the PeoplePro Onboarding Solution, as part of our fully integrated, cloud-based human capital management (HCM) suite, employers can quickly move new hires through the onboarding process, so that achieving your workforce goals and growth is made easy. 
Using the powerful set of tools within our employee onboarding solution, employers can turn new hires into productive and high-performing workers fast, while ensuring compliance, that all required paperwork and tasks are completed, and still introduce their company culture and teambuilding exercises. 
And since the solution is part of our single, unified HCM platform, applicant and new hire information flows seamlessly into the employee record. To learn more about how our employee onboarding solution can help businesses finally reach their full potential, contact us today. 
  • Intuitive preboarding portal that helps new hires feel welcome even before their first day, with a one-stop shop for company information, forms, and culture
  • Adaptable Onboarding Checklists that help new hires easily organize
    and complete the activities needed to start strong in their specific roles
  • Manager and mentor, at-a-glance, visibility makes it easy for managers and mentors to track how new hires are progressing and support them in the right ways, at the right time

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PeoplePro Employee Onboarding Overview

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Employee Onboarding Overview
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Putting The GREAT In Onboarding For Oregon

As an HR professional for over 30 years, I have worked with several other HR and Payroll systems. I have typically had to keep additional spreadsheets and paper copies of performance reviews, compensation plans, licensures, and company equipment as other systems did not have an easily usable spot to upload and track. With GNSA, all these areas, and more, are easily tracked in the HR portion of the system. Our performance evaluations are written in the system with usable access by management - with reminders, last year's review, etc. In addition, the health and welfare plans are setup with ACA reporting capabilities. Reports are customizable and it easy to create or manipulate data yourself. I have shown others the system when they are visiting, and my insurance broker was impressed with the benefit census report. I now have my vendors saying, "Can't you just get that from your system?" and I can! The team at GNSA is the best for support!
Julie Cummings
Director of Human Resources

Northwest College School of Beauty
Tualatin, OR

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