How Are We Different?

Your IMPLEMENTATION Team is also your on-going SUPPORT team.

Our clients continue to work with the same GNSA team that implemented their solution. Each member of your service team is knowledgeable about the entire solution and your specific account eliminating siloed support!

No call centers = No need to re-explain your business

GNSA proactively ensures our clients use the solutions to their greatest benefit, with a fast and high ROI.

The GNSA support team may suggest “best practices” or introduce features that would solve new challenges.

GNSA eases the learning curve for your new HR and payroll employees by providing training and support to increase the rate of success for those individuals.

You are never dependent on only one person to run payroll.

Proactive, efficient, and effective assistance from people who know you and your business.  It makes all the difference!

HCM Solution + Expert Consultative Service

Putting the GREAT in Oregon Customer Service

GNSA has always been responsive to our needs and genuinely invested in the success of our company. They have gone above and beyond to assure that we are ahead of the curve and ready to take on anything new.Their staff has been incredibly professional, knowledgeable and attentive for the 11 years we have been with them! Could not recommend a company more!
Cari Lynn Powell
Systems Analyst

Restaurant Development Company of America
Bend, OR

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