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Offering a Retirement Plan to employees is an effective way to recruit and retain valuable talent. Show you care about your employees both now and in the future. Be confident that you have the right health insurance benefits for your organization and employees along with GNSA’s proven benefits administration solutions.

Whether or not it's helping you find the right retirement plan, or helping you set up a 180 or 360 feed to your existing retirement plan, GNSA's experienced team is behind you.

Located in Oregon?

Now with the new Oregon retirement plan mandate update, which expanded the requirement to businesses in Oregon with at least one employee, the need for a good and qualified retirement plan is more important than ever. Take a look at your
Oregon Retirement Plan Options today.

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Payment Conveyance Services (PCS): Connecting retirement plans and payroll has never been easier no matter if you are just starting a new plan or need help administering your current one.

GNSA’s Benefits Team is ready to help keep your plan in compliance with our Payment Conveyance Services (PCS). PCS takes the responsibility of ensuring that your retirement plan deductions (and any employer match) are uploaded to your Retirement Plan provider after each payroll, on time!  Failing to remit employee withholdings and employer matching in a timely manner can subject an employer to penalties and placement on ERISA Non-Compliance lists.

Want to see the connected retirement and 401(k) providers GNSA partners with? Download our list of connected retirement and 401(k) providers to see how far our insurance partner network reaches.

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Which Retirement Plan Is Right For You?

Finding the Right Retirement Plan: GNSA’s Insurance Partner Network can help navigate the retirement plan options available and find a plan that’s right for you. Whether an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), Simple or Safe Harbor plan, the GNSA Partner Network will consult with you to find the solution that best fits your organization’s needs.

Download our comprehensive guide on the pros and cons of different types of retirement plans so you can decide which is best for you and your employees. 

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