Identity Theft protection at Employees' fingertips

Over the past decade, major data breaches have become an accepted part of doing business in the information age. That's why we've partnered with the ID Experts over at IDX.

Armed with the industries most advanced and secure technology platform IDX has two simple guiding principles 1) to safeguard people's privacy and 2) protect their identity.

Their U.S. based team of experts come up with custom-solutions for your unique business situation. As new threats emerge, they evolve.

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Learn More About our identify theft protection services

Download the overview of our Identity Theft Protection Services and see how we can keep important personal and organizational information safe! Key features include:

  • Monitoring of Suspicious Activity
  • Protection for Passwords and Social Accounts
  • Insurance for Personal and Legal Expenses
  • Data Recovery
  • Apps, Alerts and Concierge Service
  • And Much More
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IDX Identity Theft and Privacy Protection Overview

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