GNSA Expands Operations and Staff by Almost 40 Percent in 2022

08/04/2022 - GNSA has expanded the number of employees by 36 percent in 2022 so it may better serve the Oregon market

Great Northern Staff Administrators (GNSA), a leading provider of payroll services and human capital management solutions for small and mid-market companies throughout the Northwest, has hired four new team members this year to join an already experienced group of HR and payroll experts. 

“With more and more Oregon businesses needing help in areas like payroll, HR, and compliance, GNSA has continued to significantly increase the size of its client base,” said Katharina Fink, President of GNSA.

Fink contributes much of the continued growth of the company to changing legislation and Oregon labor laws. As a result, the company has continued expanding its service offering and hiring more employees.

"While there are certainly external and industry-related factors that have created the opportunity for growth and the need for GNSA to expand operations, I don't think we would be where we are today without the appointment of Katharina as President of GNSA," said Scott Herson-Hord.

Fink has been President of GNSA for a little over a year. Since her appointment, she has worked to hire and expand the management, payroll operations, and sales side of the business. 

"As a result of her and the rest of GNSA's hard work, we've been able to add four new team members this year," said CEO, Herson-Hord.


Ian Durias - GNSA Team Pic

Joining in July of 2022 as GNSA's second business advisor, Ian Durias has spent the majority of his career working to inspire people to move from here to there.

Between consulting nonprofit organizations and working with business leaders, Ian’s ability to actively listen and ask the right questions has allowed him to uncover the root of issues being experienced by an individual or organization.

"Having leadership experience in higher education, nonprofits, start-ups, and other established companies, Ian’s expertise and knowledge is robust and generously shared for the benefit of the rest of the GNSA team," said Fink.

When Ian’s not at work, you’ll probably find him running through Portland’s neighborhoods, performing stand-up comedy, or enjoying time with his kids.


Melissa Temple - GNSA Team Pic

Also joining in July of 2022 was Melissa Temple, GNSA's new Client Services Relationship Manager. Born and raised in California, Melissa moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2021 having spent most of her career working in the entertainment industry.

Melissa brings with her 16 years of experience as the Senior Director of Client Services and Trust Accounting for ICM Partners, one of the biggest Talent Agencies in Los Angeles.

"Melissa holds a unique level of expertise when it comes to process & people management, as well as the desire to help other team members," said Fink.

In her free time, Melissa loves to hike, run, or take walks in the beautiful nature that brought her to Oregon. She’s also an avid indoor gardener with more than 100 plants throughout her home. 


Stephanie Bedard - GNSA Team Pic

GNSA has also most recently been joined by Payroll Specialist Stephanie Bedard. Prior to joining the GNSA team, Stephanie worked at an accounting firm for 9.5 years.

In her previous role, she was able to build a high-level understanding of business administration, ranging from standard office management to the intricacies of human resources.

Born and raised in Oregon, and a true lover of the Pacific Northwest, Stephanie's hobbies outside of work include spending time with family and friends, fitness, traveling, and doing anything outdoors!



GNSA also hired another new payroll specialist this year, Alayna Bradford, who has been with the team for several months now. 

"GNSA is proud and excited to bring on these new team members, and cannot wait to see what expertise, knowledge, and ideas they can bring to the table," said Fink. 

In addition to the new hires, GNSA has also promoted Vivian Carrol to Client Services Account Representative, bringing the total to five improvements for the team.


About GNSA

Residing in the heart of the Pacific Northwest for over 20 years, GNSA has established a customer portfolio that extends beyond our Portland, OR headquarters to include every state in the continental U.S. With over 175 years of combined experience, we have found that what really sets GNSA apart from our competitors is our people! Our motto consists of the never-ending belief that the customer experience is what is most important. For us to ensure this to our clients, we must have a staff that consists of Caring, Responsive, Exceptionally Bright individuals and, most importantly, Happy Employees! Meet the Team.


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