The following plans are our top three picks for the best Oregon health insurance plans from Kaiser Permanente for 2024.

2024 Oregon Health Insurance Plans From Kaiser

Kaiser Oregon Platinum 0/20 Medical Plan Summary

With the Platinum 0-20 Plan, employees have a low deductible but a slightly higher Out-of-Pocket Maximum. However, employees do have more coinsurance options with the 0-20 plan.

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Kaiser Oregon Platinum 0-20 Plan Cover

The Gold 0-30 Plan has no deductible, as well as the smaller Out-of-Pocket Maximum. However, copays and office visits are generally at fixed rates across the board.

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Kaiser Oregon Gold 1000-20 Plan Cover

The Gold 1000-20 plan gives employees the highest deductible of the three plans as well as the highest Out-of-Pocket Maximum. Office Visit Copays are also larger.

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