GNSA Brings the Power Of Payroll & 401(k) Together For Better Retirement

07/06/2022 - GNSA Partners With Human Interest, Bringing the Power of Payroll & 401(k) Together

GNSA recently partnered with Human Interest so that employers may integrate their 401(k) plans with payroll. Employers can get started today through the new partnership formed between the two companies.

"Employers now have the ability to easily integrate their 401(k) with their payroll, allowing for more 'hands-off', simple 401(k) administration," said the president of GNSA, Katharina Fink. 

Through the new GNSA partnership with Human Interest, companies can integrate a 401(k) plan without having to manually keep up with administrative tasks such as deduction calculations, or inputting employee contribution changes. 

With plans starting at just $120 per month and $4 per employee, employers who get started with 401(k) retirement planning can also take advantage of a tax credit of up to $5,000 per year for three years, and an additional $500 each year if they choose auto-enrollment.

Something that companies may want to take note of are the three different retirement plan options offered by Human Interest; the essentials, complete, and concierge. Employers can also look forward to a wide variety of investment fund options. 

"While the integration of payroll and 401(k) is great, what separates GNSA and Human Interest from the rest of the crowd is that employers aren't charged any transaction fees," said Fink.

Companies located in Oregon like GNSA, should also know that integrated retirement and 401(k) are one of a few Oregon Retirement Plan Mandate Options that can satisfy requirements instead of using OregonSaves.

Employers who are looking to get started with 401(k) and retirement planning, or looking to find more information on Human Interest and GNSA's services, should contact GNSA today.  


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