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Tired of Manually Moving Data from your POS System to your Payroll System?

With our one-of-a-kind POS Integration, hospitality businesses can save themselves an immeasurable amount of time when it comes to inputting employee time and attendance data and tips from your POS system into payroll.

Why Do You Need a POS Integration?

As a leading payroll provider for hospitality businesses across the country, we can not tell you how many companies in the industry have come to us complaining about slow manual data entry, or about converting exported POS System Data to a usable format for payroll. We also often find that only one person at the company knows how to do this... because it's hard!  

We knew we needed a solution for our hospitality partners, which is why we developed an integration that can move all this data (punch and time data) with just one push of a button. The integration can also pull employee information such as new hires, terms, and other employee information changes from payroll back into your POS (if your system supports such info).

Using our POS Integration, employers can generate a standard report in text format from their POS System, and within two minutes our integration converts the data into the proper format for payroll, and automatically posts the data into our payroll system. 

With integrations already running on some of the most common POS systems in the Hospitality industry, there's never been a better time to get started. Fill out the form to get a quote for your business today.

Aloha POS Payroll Integration
Toast POS Payroll Integration
Smarttab POS Payroll Integration